What we do?

Nikura’s prospecting services are designed to make sure that your cold leads are converted into warm or hot leads even before you contact them, thereby ensuring a high conversion rate for your own sales personnel. Our vast databases are regularly updated to contain the latest company and contact information. We know who the key decision-makers are and who to call when setting up a meeting. Our team is comprised of expert appointment setters and experienced B2B telecallers who will qualify leads and schedule virtual meetings for your sales team.

Once the leads are qualified, they are incorporated into a shared calendar based on the slots you have marked as ‘available’. This will increase the utilization percentage of your sales executives and make your sales team more productive and efficient. Our goal is to make lead generation and lead qualification effortless for you.

Appointment Setting

Our company is 100% focused on increasing sales for your company with 0% risk

Market Research and Intelligence

Identify valuable B2B marketing trends to shape future lead generation initiatives for a greater ROI.

Database Enrichment

We add value to your sales efforts with high Marketing ROI with increased response rates.

Business Events

Let’s take a journey to create the ideal event for your business-leaving your guests seeking more than just their last canapé.

Appointment Setting

Nikura has successfully completed hundreds of campaigns for clients big and small. We know how to get results. We have implemented a unique lead generation process that we guarantee will deliver on the mutually agreed KPIs that we put in place before the commencement of any campaign.

With Nikura Solutions, your budget is guaranteed, so don’t give your hard-earned dollars to companies that won’t stand by their performance. Put simply, if we don’t deliver on the results we mutually agree, we guarantee to continue to work until it’s delivered.

  1. Increase your B2B appointments, without hiring
  2. Improve company efficiency by focusing on selling
  3. Increase or decrease appointments depending on needs

Market Research and Intelligence

At Nikura, we believe that data should be accurate and reliable. We employ a unique approach to managing data, tailored to the needs of your business. We prioritize quality in data, ensuring that it is up-to-date and accurate. As a result, your business receives an ROI that is beyond the usual industry  standard.

Our custom curation process further enhances the quality of the data collected, allowing for more refined targeting for your sales team. In addition, our data is refreshed on a regular basis to keep up with industry trends, making our sourcing the best choice for modern businesses. Finally, we not only provide the data, but offer analysis and insights that allow you to take decisive action.

Data Enrichment

What can our data specialists do for you?

Validate: We hand scrub your existing records to verify contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You shouldn’t have to second-guess whether your data is trustworthy.

Build: We’ll strengthen your prospect database by adding net new records of suitable accounts and contacts. Ramp up and revitalize your lead generation efforts with a fresh list of potential buyers


Business Events

Here at Nikura, we understand the importance of having a successful business event. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best events that they could ask for. Our team is composed of experienced event professionals, all of whom have years of knowledge in the business event industry.

We use this expertise to ensure that each one of our events is tailored to our clients’ needs, from securing the perfect attendance to providing a unique experience for guests.


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